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Graduation is in the Gym on June 11th, 3pm. Addtl parking is available across the street


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Classical's 2016 History Day Winners!

Admission is open to all students in Hartford and the 40 surrounding towns. Students will be selected by means of a random lottery system based on available seats.

The Classical Magnet School will offer its students an academic curricula firmly rooted in a study of the classics and liberal arts. Students will demonstrate a mastery of academics and an ability to listen respectfully, question intelligently and think logically. It is our mission that through our academic program every student will:

  • study the classical sources of eloquence found in rhetoric, literature, philosophy, mathematics and science
  • participate actively in the Paideia seminar process
  • be empowered to become a responsible citizen and independent life long learner
  • realize our high expectations both in behavior and academics
  • become a responsible and respectful member of a diverse, democratic society
  • acquire confidence through achievement
  • Succeed in college
  • we proudly proclaim the Classical Motto, Non scholae sed vitae discimus

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