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Ms. Emily Brancati (brane001@hartfordschools.org)



Margaret Antonitis  (adamm001@hartfordschools.org)


Jim Pezzulo (pezzj001@hartfordschools.org)

Latin I B 

Cambridge Latin Course: Unit 2 Students continue to learn basic Latin grammar and vocabulary in order to read simple Latin prose. Students learn the culture and social history of the early Roman Empire through a study of Roman Egypt and Roman Britain

Lauren Silva (Lauren.Silva@hartfordschools.org)

7th Grade Math

In the 7 th grade students continue to study the concepts that will lay the foundation for algebra and all disciplines of math. Students study simple expressions using metrics and decimals. Students will begin their study of algebra concepts by solving percent equations and converting between various systems of units. Students will also evaluate, calculate and solve equations with two variables and formulas with exponents like area and volume. Students finish the year with the study of square roots and irrational numbers and apply this knowledge by utilizing the Pythagorean Theorem.

Algebra 1

Students start their study of algebra by analyzing and graphing linear data. Students will graph data using various graphs from scatter plots to two variable plots. Students study all aspects of linear equations and concepts. Students will be able to graph and solve linear systems using a variety of methods. Students will finish the year with graphing and solving inequality expressions.

Ms. Paula Koenig (koenp001@hartfordschools.org)

7th Grade-Physical Science:

Seventh grade students center their learning experiences on linking their Classical learning to the world with a scientific perspective. Beginning with Matter and Energy, students move on to examine Energy Transfer and Transformation as well as Forces and Motion. This comprehensive course fosters emerging, sophisticated science inquiry skills of Classical students’ ability to design and conduct investigations.

Mr. Reggie Tucker (tuckr001@hartfordschool.org)

7th Grade Philosophy

Who are you? What is justice? What makes a civilization glorious?

These are a few of the essential questions that students will explore in 7th grade Philosophy at the Classical Magnet School. In this course, students learn about the development of western philosophy in ancient Greece and Rome. After studying history and culture, students explore the similarities between the early scientists and natural philosophers, and contrast this way of thinking with early religion. Then students trace the gradual development of philosophy in the ancient western world. By reading and discussing the philosophies of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Marcus Aurelius, students will gain a better understanding of the foundations of western civilization. They actively engage in a variety of learning activities, such as analyzing primary sources, participating in Paideia seminars, and designing Paideia projects. In addition, this course is designed to encourage students to formulate a better sense of themselves and their communities.