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8th grade coached project

Mr. Greene (greer003@hartfordschools.org)


All students are natural storytellers, actors, readers, writers, and thinkers.  Communication, in a variety of mediums, is crucial to survival in today’s world. We must be able to read, write, type, and speak to both share our ideas and learn about others’ ideas and be able to analyze, think, and collaborate as learners.   In this course, we will tap into these wonderful attributes with which we are all born.  We will work to enhance each student’s joy of reading, the enthusiasm of sharing ideas, the curiosity of expanding or changing our own ideas, the critical or “detective” eye for literature, the eagerness of analytical and independent thought, and the rush of excitement that is learning.  In order to accomplish this, we will be reading Medea, Oedipus Rex, The Pearl & Merchant of Venice.  Students will also learn to write persuasive and expository essays.

Mendy Clouse (cloum001@hartfordschools.org)

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In Latin I, students learn basic Latin grammar and vocabulary in order to read simple Latin prose.  Students also learn the culture and social history of the early Roman Empire through a study of Pompeii, Egypt and Roman Britain.

In Latin II, students learn to read increasingly more complex Latin prose through expanded vocabulary and grammar study.  Students will continue with their study of the culture and social history of Roman Britain and the city of Rome itself.


Teresa Bulanda (bulat001@hartfordschools.org)

Algebra 1

Students start their study of algebra by analyzing and graphing linear data. Students will graph data using various graphs from scatter plots to two variable plots. Students study all aspects of linear equations and concepts. Students will be able to graph and solve linear systems using a variety of methods. Students will finish the year with graphing and solving inequality expressions.


Students start their study of geometry with the basics of Euclidean geometry. Students will study triangle, polygonal, and circle properties. Students will also study right triangle geometry with a more in depth study of Pythagoras to include 45-45-90 and 30-60-90 right triangles. Students study the in depth area, surface area and volume of regularly shaped objects and irregularly shaped objects both two dimensional and three dimensional.

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8th Grade-Life Science
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Classical Magnet students engage in active investigation and inquiry throughout their 8 th grade science course. Learning standards center on Structure and Function, Properties of Matter, Heredity, Evolution and Physical Science. As students move to an increasingly analytical scientific stance, analysis becomes more quantitative in nature. Students, through coached projects and Seminars, learn to examine data, assess reliability and determine investigational focus

Ms. Deborah Mullings(deborah.mullings@hartfordschools.org)

8th Grade United States History

What is civilization? What is culture? How do different societies impact each other? How does geography impact how and where people live? Why did people move to America? What did freedom mean to people in the colonies? How is land ownership determined? How do religion, freedom, and democracy influence laws and government? What are the ideals of liberty? When is it justified to rebel against your government? How do people form a government? Why should power be shared? What is Manifest Destiny? How do countries expand their boundaries? Why do some people have more freedom than others? Why do people go to war? These questions outline the 8 th grade US History course at Classical Magnet School. In this course, students explore the social, political, cultural and economic impact of the creation of the United States of America.