Math Curriculum

At the Classical Magnet School, our integrated common core math program spans all grades. Our students study, in depth, fundamental concepts of math. Math teachers work as a team to develop curriculum that is rigorous, integrated and non-repetitive, throughout the seven years of our Classical program. Using this approach provides the framework needed for success in dealing with specialized math concepts at the post high school level. This broad-based approach, coupled with Classical’s targeted high standards provide students the necessary high level skills, thinking processes and independence in learning needed to succeed in life.  Our middle school curriculum integrates pre-algebra and some basic algebra one skills throughout the students three years of study.  Students who possess the necessary cognitive skills for an accelerated math program are given the opportunity to take algebra one and geometry in middle school.

Course Sequence

6th       Math 1

7th       Pre-Algebra

8th       Algebra I

9th       Geometry

10th    Algebra II

11th     Pre-Calculus

12th     Calculus / Statistics