Science Curriculum

The Mission of the Science Department at Classical is rooted in the commitment to academic rigor, through scientific inquiry, at all levels of learning. Student learning is rooted in the Paideia model of instruction and is enhanced by national and state standards that are carefully embedded in Paideia based learning experience. Our sophisticated, inquiry based curriculum is designed to foster the Classical student’s ability to grapple with new technology, theories and understandings while having a solid understanding of classical theory. Knowing the balance of knowledge and learning skills is a critical one. Through Didactic teaching, we will ensure the effective conveyance of essential knowledge, share knowledge related to standards and to content based knowledge. Using Coached projects, we will foster the intellectual rigor that is the hallmark of our Classical Paideia schools. Using Seminars, we will support students as they use their learning to conceptualize, organize, justify and communicate. Targeting high achievement for all schools, our science teachers will work with students on the critical mission of creating lifelong learners.

Course Sequence

6th       Earth Science

7th       Physical Science

8th       Life Science

9th       Biology

10th    Chemistry

11th     Physics

12th     Physiology