What is a Liberal Arts Curriculum?
What is an Enrichment Program?

The Classical Magnet School offers a college preparatory curriculum firmly rooted in a study of the classics and liberal arts. The rigorous education features the highest expectations for teacher and student performance. It assumes from day one that every student who enters school has the capacity to grow at a precocious rate and so reach levels of expertise that traditional educators might consider impossible.

The rigor in a classical education is not the result of the curriculum and standards alone, but also of how that curriculum is taught and those standards measured. Students study the classical sources of eloquence found in rhetoric, Latin, literature, philosophy, mathematics and science and participate actively in the Hartford Stage projects and the Paideia seminar process.

A classical education is empowering. Through the constant practice of liberal arts – speaking, listening, reading, writing, computing, observing and thinking – students in a classical environment learn how to conduct themselves in private and in public. They learn how to enjoy their privacy through lifelong learning and how to dedicate their public lives to the common good.