Classical Magnet Governance



Parent Senate Meets on the Second Wednesday of each month at 6pm, in the library.

The Classical Magnet School will utilize input from Parents, Students and Staff in the decision making process.  Each constituency will create a senate which shall meset monthly to develop legislative items and review proposals from both committees and other senates.  Each senate will also have the sole responsibility to appoint the members to each standing committee and any ad hoc committees which are developed.

The School will be run by the Principal.  The principal will utilize several major committees to help guide their decisions including Governance, Curriculum, Student Life, Staff Senate, Student Senate, Parent Senate, Department Leaders and Team Leaders. 

The Staff, Student, and Parent Senates vote on proposals that can be put forth by any member of the Classical community. Once a measure has been passed it goes to a committee made up of a member from each senate and is discussed and voted on again. Once a proposal has passed this rigorous progress it goes to the Principals desk who can pass or veto the measure. This system allows all members of the community to be an active participant in the governing of the school and maintains a feeling of ownership among all involved.

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