Welcome to the new improved band site! Please use the links to our current song selections on the left to assisst your practicing at home. The links on the left have many helpful things, the newest of which is Instrument Tools and Tips! Instrument Tools and Tips contains scales, fingering charts, and links to online resources to advance technique on every instrument! Also a great book to read on breathing: The Science of Breath. The menu on the left also has links to all of the current songs via the Band Repertoire link.


About Us

Classical Magnet School has 2 active ensembles. Middle School Band (grade 6-8) which requires a minimum of 1 year immediate prior experience, and a High School Band (grades 9-12) which also requires a minimum of 1 year immediate prior experience. Currently we have over 80 students in our bands! We've had over a 25% growth every year for the last 7 years! The bands play 3 concerts and 2 parades every year in addition to performing/competing at festivals such as the Great East Festival (followed by a day at Six Flags!)

Honors Bands

Every single year since inception the Classical Bands have returned with Gold Medals from the Great East Festival!

Every year since inception the Classical Bands have placed students in the middle school regionals honors band and high school regionals honors band. We also regularly place students into the CT Youth Honors Band, The Honors Flute Choir, the John Philip Sousa National Honors band and for the first time last year two students went to the CT All-State Festival!