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Hartford Public Schools, in accordance with the Connecticut Statutes, Section 10-206, requires each sixth and tenth grade student to have a health assessment. Any student in sixth or tenth grade will be considered having fulfilled this requirement if the health assessment was administered some time after the first of January of the year the student enters sixth or tenth grade.

Sports Physicals

In order to be considered eligible to participate in interscholastic sports a physical is required every 13 months. The physical must be presented to the nurse prior to any participation with the team. The state required physical can be used for this. The physical needs to be performed by a MD or Nurse Practitioner.

Vision, hearing and scoliosis screenings are performed in the nurse’s office as required by the state in sixth through ninth grade. Should you have a concern regarding screenings or would like to request a screening be performed please call the nurse’s office

o Vision – Students in grades 6, 9
o Hearing – Students in grades 8
o Scoliosis – Students in grades 6 – 9

The parents/guardians of students who need further evaluation by a physician will be notified. Parents should return the referral form to the school nurse after it has been completed by a physician. Please notify the school nurse if you do not wish your child to participate in these screenings.

Important forms

Form for student to carry and self-administer epipen
Form for student to carry and self-administer inhaler