Welcome to Nurse's Office

We take our motto seriously in the nurse’s office. Our mission is to empower our students to learn about and take responsibility for their health. In society today, patients must take an active part in making decisions surrounding their healthcare. In order for this to happen patient, must be knowledgeable, not only about their own bodies, but about where and how to look for answers regarding their health. One of the ways we help foster this independence is when students enter the nurse’s office, they sign in and fill out a health questionnaire, much like the ones found in MD offices and clinics, taking an active part in deciding on a course of action with the nurse.

The Nurse’s office is open to patients from 7:35am until 2:40pm. Some of the services provided are assessment/ treatment of injuries and illness, immunization, health counseling, medication management.

Please alert the school nurse if your child has a health condition that may require individualized planning for safety, emergency care, health services, or evacuation. The nurse should also be notified of changes in the student health status and of illness, injury, hospitalization or a change in medication or treatment.

Parents/guardians should call the appropriate house office when their child is absent due to illness or injury.

Main Office: 860 695-9100
High School House Office: 860 695-9330

Parents/guardians should consult with the school nurse immediately if they anticipate that their child may be absent for medical reasons for an extended length of time. The nurse will collect the necessary medical information in order to initiate the process for school/team decision making and planning as indicated.

Administration of medication at school is strictly regulated in accordance with CT State

Law 10-212a. Prescription and over-the-counter medication can be administered if the nurse has a doctor’s order signed by the parent/guardian and the parent/guardian has provided the medications in the original container. Please refer to the Hartford Board policy. Blank order forms for both prescription and over-the-counter medications can be picked up in the nurse’s office or under the forms section of the website. This forms must be submitted annually.

Important Forms

District of Hartford Required Health Form
General Consent Form to administer any medication
Form to allow nurse's office to administer Acetaminophen Liquid
Form to allow nurse's office to administer Acetaminophen Tabs
Form to allow nurse's office to administer Ibuprofen Liquid
Form to allow nurse's office to administer Ibuprofen Tabs