Reading Department


Reading Dept Unity Cheer

By Daisha Gentles, gr.7

Each of us has said our name;
It is how we play the game.


By Ahmed Hasaan, gr. 8

Classical is really fun;
That is why it’s number one.


By Luis Nieves gr. 6

When you come into this school,
You will find it really cool.


By Kasmin Ali, gr. 7

In our school we learn and play,
Prepare for life - come what may.


Chris Vega, gr.8,

At this school we will stay
We’ll earn A’s and shout hurray!


By Imani Richardson, gr. 6

I love reading, so do you;
We love reading, yes we do.



By Juan Perez, gr. 7, per 1:

Reach for the stars, then the moon;
Try your best in reading room.


By Mr. Cindi Avezzie, reading teacher

Find us on the second floor;
2-3-6 is on the door.


By Jasmine Roche, gr. 6

When in class we do our best;
We work harder than the rest.


By Vincent Brown, gr. 7

In reading class every day,
We have fun and earn an A.


By Shakari Box gr. 7, newspaper club

Whenever we choose a book,
Others take a second look.

By Ihana Shaw, gr. 8,

Hope you liked our reading cheer;
It’s for you and every peer.