Reading Department

Mission & Vision Statement

The mission of The Classical Magnet School Reading Department is to provide a literature-rich environment that encourages students to be engaged and proficient readers who comprehend, read fluently, and love reading so that they will read grade-level material independently, with confidence and fluency, and be successful in school, college, their careers, and everyday life.

It is our vision to offer reading students a supportive and rigorous environment for developing improved reading skills that will help them better embrace their futures. 

We will welcome, support, and guide Grade 6-9 readers needing remediation. We will use the READ 180 program to help the students recognize and spell words correctly, read with fluency, and comprehend the text.

Three times per year, we will give students the Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) electronically, to monitor their reading levels and match them to text.  Ongoing assessment will lead to a focus on instruction for individuals’ progress.

We will use a 90-min. instructional model that includes 10 min. of whole group direct instruction, 60 min. of small group rotations (READ 180 instructional software, small group direct instruction, and modeled and independent reading), and 5 min. of whole-group wrap up.

For independent reading, we will offer READ 180 paperbacks that are age-appropriate and relevant. Each book will be leveled, allowing students to read confidently according to their own independent reading abilities (READ 180 supplies 40 titles for Middle School, with 5 copies each.)

We will Provides each student with an rBook- his or her own interactive student work text that introduces the following:

  • Reading comprehension skills,
  • High-use academic vocabulary, and
  • Writing and grammar skills.


We will teach a variety of reading strategies that will enable them to discover increasing success in these four focus areas: reading engagement, oral reading fluency, comprehension, and writing. Through coached projects, field trips, seminars, self- selected independent reading, group work, and READ 180 instructional software, independent reading activities, and completion of rBook activities, we will encourage our reading students to …

In the Area of Reading Engagement   

  • Enjoy reading
  • Read often
  • Read a wide variety of genres to meet multiple purposes
  • Be confident in their ability to read
  • Be aware of their strengths as readers
  • Take active role in monitoring their own progress
  • Work with text at their individual  instructional level
  • In the Area of Oral Reading Fluency 
  • Read smoothly
  • Read appropriate level texts with a high level of accuracy during oral reading
  • Read in large meaningful phrases with attention to expression
  • Read with a pace that is consistently conversational
  • Self-correct automatically
  • In the Area of Comprehension 
  • Make predictions
  • Ask themselves questions prior to and during the reading of a text
  • Use text features such as charts, graphs, headings, graphic organizers, etc.
  • Comprehend what they read
  • Use own language and key vocabulary form the text to organize an adept written summary’
  • Compare and contrast
  • Find the main idea
  • Sequence
  • Identify problem and solution
  • Understand what is explicitly stated in the text
  • Interpret what they read by making inferences and connections
  • Support responses with information from the text
  • Determine significance
  • Evaluate what they read
  • Support responses with reasons and personal or text examples
  • Be aware of strategies they use to construct and monitor meaning while reading
  • Use the instructional software to do the following:
  • Build background knowledge,
  • Develop that ability to form mental models, helping to build comprehension,
  • Develop and practice word recognition and reading fluency,
  • Master vocabulary,
  • Develop and apply comprehension strategies, and
  • Develop and apply spelling and proofreading skills

In the Area of Writing    

  • React to READ180 QuickWrites by providing responses that …
    • Adequately answer the prompt
    • Are creative
    • Demonstrate careful consideration
    • Include supporting details
    • Use interesting words and appropriate vocabulary
    • Include all words spelled correctly.







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