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Student Senate

Student Senate meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 4:05 pm.

Student Senate president is

Student Senate advisor is Kim Webster.

Senators for 2016-2017

Class of 2022

Max Bonelis                       president

Riley Taylor                         vice president

Kyla Doyle                           first senator

Noah Ambrose                 second senator


Class of 2021                     

Vanessa Pereira               president

Shalom Achcampong      vice president

Madison Ounthongdy    first senator

Shannaya Grant                second senator


Class of 2020

Kendall Kennedy              president

Shawn Blackwood           vice president

Hosing Chevannes           first senator

Dominique McFarlane   second senator


Class of 2019

Payge Boyd                        president

Jared Griffin                       vice president

Angela Gunter                  1st senator

Tyanna Soto                       2nd senator


Class of 2018

Maggie Moran                  president

Sobia Khokar                      vice president

Amina Khokar                    1st senator

Alia-Mae Blake                  2nd senator


Class of 2017

Shay Pezzulo                      president

Holly Weldon                     vice president

Emma Cook                        1st senator

Serena Williams                2nd senator


Daniela Figueroa              Student Body President

Brook-Lynn Velez            Student Body Vice President




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